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Time's Running Out, What's on Your Houston Bucket List?

posted on: 04/18/2012


Have you heard? We don't have much time left.

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. So that got us thinking: If we really did only have a few months left to experience all there is, what would we do in our favorite city, Houston, Texas?

Think about it. Have you ever wanted to kayak down Buffalo Bayou? Or watch a Texans game from the sidelines? Go shopping with designer Chloe Dao? Or perhaps skydive over Southeast Texas?

Houston is a place where just about anything is possible. And now's the time to create your Houston Bucket List, exploring all the things you've always wanted to try in H-Town. Some things might be simple, experiences you just haven't gotten around to. Others might be more extreme or unlikely.

But Houston is about dreaming big. So you tell us, what things make H-Town unique? What's on your Houston Bucket List?

Leave your Bucket List items as a comment below and help spread the word about the Houston Bucket List Project. Before it's too late! #HouBList


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posted on:
9:57 AM
by: Sarah Dudley from Pasadena

I have always wanted to watch a Texans game in a private suite or from the sidelines!


posted on:
7:09 AM
by: William Griffin from Baytown

My wife and I are huge hockey fans and love the Houston aeros I know we would love to drop the puck at a game or even get to be on the ice before a game.


posted on:
7:43 AM
by: Dean Savant from Conroe

My bucket list is to take my mother for a nice dinner and stay at the moody gardens. She has never been nor I and it would be very nice for us to get away and spend time together


posted on:
11:20 PM
by: James from Houston, Texas

I'd love to take my mom or my aunt to visit the Bayou Bend gardens, and then have lunch at Tiny Boxwood's. We've always talked about going and hope to fit it in on the last day of the world!


posted on:
7:28 PM
by: Ester Valencia from Houston

Houston is my homwtown and I love my city!
1. Visit the Spacecenter
2. Take the Saint Arnold's Beer tour
3. Eat lunch at Benihana
4. Ride the Ferris Wheel at The Aquarium in downtown Houston


posted on:
1:20 PM
by: Catrina Forbes from Houston

My Houston Bucket List would be to go see the Nutcracker. Ive never been and my fiance and I would love to go. Also, a weekend getaway to stay at the San Luis Resort with our 2 boys would be awesome!!!


posted on:
9:33 AM
by: Matthew Sanchez from Brownsville

Love to see a Texans Game. Have never been to one, but heard their awesome!!!


posted on:
9:03 AM
by: kathy from humble

I would take my girls to the space center,but Im a poor mother .Idont have the money to buy tickets foe all three of use.please if you can help it would great ,and and merry christmas for use.thank you kathy 832-703-5969 or pippyredstockings@hotmail.com


posted on:
8:59 AM
by: Sara from Houston

Have a mini vacation to the San Luis in Galveston and propose to my boyfriend. Yes, the girl proposing! My life has always been, if I want something done right, I have to do it myself. So, I would love to do this. He would love it too! We just had a baby girl and haven't had any time alone so this would be amazing!


posted on:
8:41 AM
by: Shirley from Houston

I would like to take my family on a Disney Cruise now that they leave out of Galveston.

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