Houston Egyptian Festival

October 29, 2016
1500 McKinney Street | Houston, TX 77010
Phone: (832) 786-9373
Times: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Admission: $10 for Adults, Children 12 and Under are free

Houston is our home now, but many of us or our parents used to call Egypt home. We want to share the beauty that is Egypt with you here in Houston. What better way to do that than to unite this community with an Egyptian Festival that portrays the essence that is Egypt, from Ancient marvels to modern culture.

Egyptian cuisines and recipes have dated back thousands of years.  Some of our famous dishes & desserts include:

Kofta– Sometimes called Kefta, these are spiced meatballs (looking more like small sausages than balls) often served on a skewer.

Macaroni béchamel– Penne pasta with a layer of cooked spiced meat and onions and white (Béchamel) sauce.

Molokhia (or Molokheyyah) – A soup made from finely chopped mallow leaves mixed with ground coriander and garlic. It is a staple part of Egyptian food though is normally only eaten at home.. Sometimes chicken, lamb or rabbit is added to this greenish soup.

Egyptian Desserts

Baklava – Layers of flaky pastry filled with chopped nuts and honey syrup.
Bouzat haleeb – Egyptian ice-cream (though more like milk sherbet than cream)
Halawa – a popular confection in Egypt made from sesame paste. It is normally sold in blocks (by weight)

Live Entertainment

Musical instruments (percussion, wind, stringed) were represented in pharaonic Egypt. Percussion instruments included hand-held drums, rattles, castanets, bells, and the sistrum–a highly important rattle used in religious worship. Hand clapping too was used as a rhythmic accompaniment.

Belly Dancing Shows and Lessons

Take pictures, feed and pet real camels!

Ancient Egyptian History Lessons

Kids Crafts on Papyrus & Henna Face Painting

The information provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of submission. Please verify details via the link provided to ensure that they are correct.