Houston Greeters

(713) 473-3837
901 Bagby, Suite 100 | Houston, TX 77002

Houston Greeters is a free visitor service that offers a unique look at Houston through the eyes and hearts of its residents.

Local volunteers serving as Houston Greeters host individuals for two to four hour visits to one of the city’s local attractions or cultural destinations, such as the Museum District, Galveston beaches, or one of our historic neighborhoods.

Visitors may join with a Greeter for an activity such as jogging, golf, tennis, biking along the river, or lunch at a favorite ethnic restaurant.

Greeters also are available for conversations on topics relevant to Houston, such as the rodeo, the city’s history, or cultural life. Greeters speak many languages and welcome opportunities for visitors to practice their English, even if spoken with hesitancy.

The Houston Greeter service is free and uses public transportation. Greeters has bee partnered with METRO Rail, and free day passes are available to visitors when engaged in a Greeter activity. Both visitor and Greeter bear any individual costs (for admission fees, etc.). In some instances, the visitor may wish to travel by taxi or in his rental car. In that case, the Greeter will meet the visitor at the appointed location.

Individuals and travel groups of six or fewer people interested in visiting with a Houston Greeter may register online at www.houstongreeters.org, or by calling 713-473-3837. Once the visit is confirmed, arrangements will be made for the Greeter and visitor to meet.