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Space Center Houston

(281) 244-2100
1601 NASA Parkway | Houston, TX 77058
Clear Lake/Bay Area Houston
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Space Center Houston, the official visitors center for NASA's Johnson Space Center, is the only place on earth where guests can embark on an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures in space.

Space Center Houston features a multitude of permanent exhibits, attractions and theaters. In addition, the venue presents an array of traveling exhibits and events created exclusively by Space Center Houston's creative exhibit team.

NEW: The space shuttle replica Independence is now on display at Space Center Houston. The 122-foot, 130,000-pound wooden replica was restored so the public can go inside the capsule and it's NASA 747 carrier aircraft as part of a behind-the-scenes look at life inside a space shuttle, an experience only available at Space Center Houston. 

Both the shuttle and carrier feature interior exhibits featuring the flight deck and cockpit of the shuttle, astronaut living quarters mid-deck, history on the development of the shuttle program, and how the carrier aircraft docks with shuttles. Visitors walking through the payload bay even get to see a recently returned artifact from STS-49, a space satellite rescue mission.

Independence Plaza is the world’s first and only shuttle/carrier replica open to the public. The exhibit is the largest project Space Center Houston has taken on since it was founded in 1992. Along with original artifacts and history, the complex offers educational workshops and problem-solving activities for those interested in science, mathematics, and engineering careers. At the final leg, guests can watch a film covering the history of space shuttle program as well as a special tribute to the crew members of the Challenger and Columbia missions.

Visitors to Space Center Houston can experience the monumental exhibit at no extra charge as part of museum general admission. Timed ticketing will ensure that a manageable number of guests can access the shuttle’s smaller space at different intervals.

Permanent Exhibits

Blast Off
Blast-Off is an unparalleled multi-media sensory experience. Visitors encounter a dramatic high-definition audio/video extravaganza culminating in a dynamic space shuttle blast off.

Living in Space
Living in Space is a hands-on exhibit where guests can test their skills at landing the shuttle or retrieving a satellite through interactive computer simulators. A Mission Briefing Officer receives help from an audience participant in a live presentation showing how astronauts handle daily activities like showering, sleeping and preparing meals in space.

The NASA Tram Tour
With this behind-the-scenes journey through NASA's Johnson Space Center, you may visit the Historic Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility or the current Mission Control Center. Before returning to Space Center Houston, you can visit the "all new" Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. Occasionally, the tour may visit other facilities, such as the Sonny Carter Training Facility or Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. You may even get to see astronauts training for upcoming missions.

The Astronaut Gallery
This unparalleled exhibit features spacesuits dating back to the first American trip to space and a wall that contains portraits and crew photos of every U.S. astronaut who has flown in space.

Mission Status
Mission briefing officers provide live updates on current space flights and astronaut training activities. Guests can listen to communications between Mission Control and astronaut crews aboard the space shuttle. A live video shows a behind-the-scenes view of activities in the Johnson Space Center and a satellite link of a shuttle launch via Kennedy Space Center of Florida.

The Martian Matrix
Four stories of out-of-this-world fun for kids, Pepsi's Martian Matrix is an action-packed play area with a space theme. Slides, swings and foam ball battles are just a few of the featured activities.

Kids Space Place
Interactive stations and themed areas give children a chance to explore and investigate the different aspects of space exploration. Jumping on the Moon, manning the space shuttle, building a rocket and flying in space are all a part of the growing exhibit.

Starship Gallery
On Human Destiny is shown in the Starship Gallery, which highlights great moments in space exploration. The gallery contains artifacts and hardware from the Mercury program through Apollo-Soyuz, including a special Lunar Vault. The New Explorers video wall shares the visions of today's NASA engineers and scientists.

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