To experience the finest performing arts in the world, you need look no further than Houston.

Houston is one of the nation's largest visual arts markets and one of the few U.S. cities to boast resident opera, symphony, theater and ballet companies. While more traditional performing arts have long been a staple in Houston's vibrant arts scene, a more experimental performance element will soon make its way to the city.

Coming this April, the CounterCurrent 14 festival will be the latest performing arts addition bringing a blend of experimental, interdisciplinary projects, from dance, music, theater, film, visual art and literature.

Organized by the University of Houston's Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts and several other partners, the festival is slated for April 9-13 as an annual five-day event. Artists will be welcomed from both across the world and right here at home in Houston, including presentations by University of Houston students.

The festival's home base will reside at the Bermac Arts Building in Midtown, with additional venues scattered between the University of Houston and downtown including gallery spaces, outdoor sites, and non-traditional spaces. Venues include the university's Quintero Theatre and Blaffer Art Museum, DiverseWorks, Project Row Houses, Hermann Park and Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts.

Though the festival is widely lauded as experimental, there will be elements of more mainstream projects mixed with the non-traditional. Events include performances by New York choreographer and modern dancer Jonah Bokaer, New York installation artist Suzanne Bocanegra and Los Angeles filmmaker Wu Tsang. Less traditional performances will include storytelling via participants' cellphones by Lacy Johnson and Josh Okun; a sound art installation by Abinadi Meza; and the launch of a bilingual book by the "experimental language" duo Antena (Jen Hofer of Los Angeles and John Pluecker of Houston).

Admission is free and passes will be available starting March 2014. More information, including a full schedule, will be available soon at