The food truck craze has been growing in Houston for years, even spawning an annual festival. But H-Town hasn't had its own dedicated place for food on wheels--until now.

The Houston Food Park is set to open June 22 in East Downtown. The location at 1504 St. Emmanuel can easily accommodate up to nine trucks, but there is already a plan to expand the footprint. Within the first week, the park will be open for both lunch and dinner until 8 pm.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the first trucks to participate in the new park will include Yummyz Kitchen, Coreanos, POCKet to Me and Betton's Comfort Food.

The new park is the work of partners Jack Gillett, Ponce Tirzo and Miguel Villegas. The long-term plan calls for creating a space that will be able to cater to festivals and other big events.

"We want to bring an urban festival scene to the city," Tirzo told the Chronicle. "We want to celebrate arts, food and music in a setting that reflects Houston as the melting pot it is."

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