Get Out Here Houston!, an organization dedicated to getting Houstonians outdoors and exploring, announced today the launch of, a website that aims to be the go-to guide to Houston's great outdoors. Outdoor

The effort is a collaboration of numerous local non-profit organizations committed to the preservation and appreciation of the diverse ecosystems within the Houston Gulf Coast region. Together, they've created the resource to promote the Houston-Gulf Coast region as a destination for all types of outdoor activities.

"We wanted to dispel the myth that Houston is nothing but concrete and office buildings. The Houston-Gulf Coast region is actually one of the most ecologically diverse urban areas in the country. People just aren't aware of what's out there. We're going to change that," said Sanford Criner, chairman of the GOH board.

With over 50,632 acres of total park space, that's 22.6 acres per 1,000 residents, Houston was named one of the 10 greenest cities in the U.S. by in 2013.

The website will serve as a one-stop-shop for finding out what's happening outside, from bird watching to kayaking, bike rides to nature trails. Users will be able to filter and search through activities throughout town or by current location.

Local trail guide author Laurie Roddy will contribute to the website, writing articles on outdoor highlights in the area.

"What makes the outdoors fun is discovery; a sense of adventure, not always knowing which fork in the trail to take," said Criner. The activity generator allows for such a user experience by suggesting, at random, outdoor activities that are going on NOW, promoting curiosity and exploration.

With several regional projects now under way, including the Bayou Greenway, Sam Houston Trail and the Lone Star National Recreation Area, the site will also provide new information as these projects complete.

A corresponding iOS App is currently under development, with an anticipated launch date in late May.