If you catch a glimpse of a building-sized bunny in downtown Houston this month, don’t worry: you’re not hallucinating. 

A new art installation, known as Intrude, is coming to Houston starting May 9th, and features seven inflatable, white nylon rabbits. Some of these modern sculptures reach as tall as two stories high. This installation is meant to throw off your usual Houston view to get you thinking a little deeper. Intrude is being brought to life by Arts Brookfield, which aims to make world-class art exhibits available in public spaces.

Australian artist, Amanda Parer, has gathered inspiration for this piece starting early on in her life. She has long been concerned with the interactions between humans and animals within landscape. Intrude speaks to the dual nature of rabbits in Australia: although they seem harmless and sweet, they have been creating an imbalance in the country’s ecosystems since their introduction to the country in 1788. Parer expects viewers to be drawn in by the humor of the art, and then come to ask their own questions as well as gather their own conclusions.

Houston was chosen as one of only four U.S. locations for Intrude. When asked why Houston was chosen among so few, Parer explained, “A good conversation relies on a diverse set of views, and wide ranging conversation involves as many views as is possible. Houston is a renowned dynamic city, and I am excited to engage the energy and ideas of this city in the conversation.”

Houston has a long tradition of featuring iconic outdoor art pieces. Renowned artist David Adickes, for example, has created memorable outdoor views, like the well known president’s heads and the “We (heart) Houston” sculpture. Many these pieces are permanent installations, but Intrude will only be in the city for a short time. There will be an opening event as the art inflates at 11am on May 9th, and it will be available until May 14. Intrude will be located at Brookfield’s 1600 Smith Street property downtown. It is free and open to the public.