From humble beginnings as a sleepy fishing village on the upper reaches of Galveston Bay to a rip-roaring center for illegal gambling to the booming tourist attraction it is today; the city of Kemah has seen many transitions over the years.

Since the Boardwalk opened in 1997, Kemah has broadened its scope to include fine dining and hotels. Today, Kemah has evolved to become a primary waterfront getaway for the region's residents. Located just 25 minutes south of Downtown Houston, the community offers abundant boating and other recreational opportunities.

"Kemah is a diverse, key coastal location that exemplifies the land of opportunity; a welcoming place where people like to live and visit. We're celebrating of our last fifty years and looking forward to progress over the next fifty," says Mayor Bob Cummins.

The Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah's top attraction, will be hosting a Crawfish and Zydeco Festival March 20-22, 2015 which happens to coincide perfectly with Kemah's Golden Anniversary.

In the near future, Kemah will develop a new Downtown city hall building, a multi-story park and ride, one-way streets and rubber tire trolleys in the business district, and an expanded Highway 146 with a southbound exit to Kemah. These phased improvements will be implemented over next several years to improve mobility and further enhance economic development and visitation in the Bay Area.