Maybe it was the green Mohawk that brought them together. Marley and Jeff Wisnoski met when she was a freshman, and he a sophomore, at Baylor University. Marley served as the makeup designer during the run of a live theater version of School House Rock, and Jeff was one of the actors. Each night, it was her responsibility to get his green Mohawk just right before the curtain. That began a friendship that would eventually lead to dating and, in time, marriage.

"From the very beginning, we shared this love of theater," Marley says. "And it still continues."

Today, the two are working side by side on the current Theatre Under the Stars production of Man of La Mancha. Marley is assistant directing her first production at TUTS and Jeff is the show's fight director, choreographing all of the action scenes of the rather physical musical.

"We're very fortunate in that we work really well together," Jeff says. ""We did it on several productions in London and now we're getting a chance to do it at TUTS. Working on the same show is a dream because we get to see each other more."

After Baylor, the couple moved to London where she earned a master's degree and he started his career in the energy industry. While overseas, Jeff also honed his love for mixing martial arts with theater. A blackbelt at age eight, he would come to learn that stage combat was a lot like martial arts. He studied with the Society of American Fight Directors and earned his certification as a fight choreographer from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

"You don't realize it but there's a lot of physical contact in theater," Jeff says. "It's not just actual fights, but any time a character so much as slaps another, directors will usually consult with someone who is trained. It's really to the benefit of the production because you can get someone who is either too cautious, which makes the whole interaction look fake, or someone who takes it too far, which can result in injury."

The couple returned to Texas in 2011 when Jeff was offered a position in procurement for the engineering company Fluor. Marley got a job working in the box office at TUTS and slowly became involved in other parts of the Houston musical theater organization. Now, Jeff is lending his staged combat expertise to this new production of the classic Don Quixote tale.

For Marley, Man of La Mancha is the perfect production for her to begin directing at TUTS. "My background is mostly in straight plays--I did a lot of Marlowe and Shakespeare, when we were in London. I think La Mancha is a good way to break into musical theater because it marries the world of musicals and straight plays well."

It's that shared desire to bring a story to life on stage that inspires this couple.

"What I love about theater is how universal it can be," says Jeff. "You take these different characters and the different aspects of their lives and it's all up there on stage at different angles. When you go to the theater, you become part of the performance. You get to step into that world and the emotion you can get from these characters is unbelievable."

As Man of La Mancha opens this week, Marley and Jeff have something else to look forward to. The couple are expecting their first baby this spring.

Man of La Mancha runs through March 10. Click here for more.