Quilting reigned over Downtown Houston earlier this month as the International Quilt Festival pulled in nearly 61,000 total attendees over a four-day period, show officials say.

Quilters, instructors and observers of all ages turned out to explore the unique art form, proving its limits far exceed its grandmotherly image. More than 4,700 people enrolled for the Festival's Quiltmaking Academy, which provided more than 415 classes, lectures, and events taught.

"I am once again thrilled and amazed at the size and scope of not only the show which we produce, but the quilters who come from as near as a mile down the road and as far as across the world to be in Houston," says Festival Founder Karey Bresenhan. "And I am consistently invigorated after each show about quilting as an industry, and quilters as people."

On the exhibition side, there were nearly 1,200 booths and 530 exhibitors.

Plans are already underway for the 2014 International Quilt Festival/Houston, which will celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. Special plans will be revealed in the coming months. The show will run October 30-November 2 (with Preview Night on October 29).