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Connor Barwin

Linebacker, Houston Texans With his trademark hipster haircut and progressive sense of style, Connor Barwin turns heads on and off the field. The 6-foot-4 Texans linebacker who hails from the Midwest has taken to his adoptive city with aplomb. Far from an unapproachable pro-athlete, you're more likely to find him at a dive bar schmoozing with the locals than a society function. After three seasons with the Texans (he was drafted out of the University of Cinncinati in 2009) No. 98 has become one…

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Jim Parsons

I was born in Houston and both of my parents were born in Houston. I grew up here. I didn't leave until I was 27 so I've lived there all my life. I went to undergraduate college at the University of Houston, and that's really where I started acting. To this day, I've probably done the majority of my acting in Houston. Right now I'm on The Big Bang Theory, which is a comedy on CBS, and it's going very well. I won an Emmy this past year for the role I played on Big Bang (as Sheldon Cooper) and…

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Mickey Rosmarin

Founder, Tootsies He's discovered and cultivated cutting edge design talent and been at the forefront of the local fashion scene for more than three decades. But don't think for a second Mickey Rosmarin is ready to take it easy. The vibrant and charismatic patron saint of Houston haute couture made waves not long ago with the relocation and expansion of his flagship boutique Tootsies at West Ave. What started in the early 1970s with a small Westheimer-set shop selling vintage clothes has evolved…

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Lyle Lovett

What do you do? I’m lucky enough to get to make up songs and sing ‘em. I was born at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. What are some of your earliest/fondest memories growing up here? My earliest memories center around the part of Houston where the University of Houston is. My parents both worked for the old Humble Co. Their offices were in the old Prudential building, corner of S. Main and Holcombe. We lived near the university while they finished up college going to night school. I went…

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ZZ Top

Billy F. Gibbons There are so many things to do in Houston. There are great art museums, especially the Contemporary Arts Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The Art Car Parade is part of that exotic extreme of Houston. You have to see it—it’s really cool. Houston’s music scene is an interesting fabric—it goes way, way back. It’s a fascinating musical place. Ray Charles once said, “If you want to put a great band together, go to Houston, Texas.” Plenty of our songs were inspired by…

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Anita Jaisinghani

Chef/Owner of Indika and Pondicheri After growing up in Gujarat, India and earning a Masters degree in Canada, Anita Jaisinghani moved to the U.S. in 1990, pursuing a long-time passion for cooking. After operating a small catering business and later, manufacturing fresh chutneys to provide to local grocers, she went to work in Café Annie's pastry division, honing her pastry skills and learning the elements needed to operate a fine dining restaurant. In July 2001, Jaisinghani opened a…

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