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Chocolate Lover's Tour

Lovers of chocolate rejoice with the Chocolate Lovers Tour with Chef Rebecca Mason-Fluff of Bake Bar. This tour included tree stops by way of the Houston Wave.

Chocolate Lovers

Stop 1: Cacao & Cardamom

Chef Annie Rupani comes from a South-Asian background, but has traveled all across the world to gain her appreciation for culinary arts. After chocolatiering courses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she made her way back to Houston with her passion.

Guests started off with a Mexican Sipping Chocolate; a thick, European-style hot chocolate with cinnamon, vanilla and chilies. They also enjoyed a 5 piece box with Mango Caramel, Szechuan Peppercorn, Lavender, Cardamom Rose and Coconut Curry.

Address: 5000 Westheimer Rd. #602

Stop 2: Fat Cat Creamery

The next stop on the tour included the small-batch ice cream shop, Fat Cat Creamery. The shop itself uses local ingredients to make their ice cream from scratch.

Guests tasted “The Dude Malted:” A rich malt with Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream with a scoop of freshly-ground, honey-roasted peanut butter, a splash of milk, chocolate syrup drizzled in and on top, and a hand-dipped chocolate pretzel stick.

They also got “The Texas Pecan Brownie Sundae:” A warm, house-baked brownie with 2 scoops, drizzled with hot fudge and warm praline sauce, whipped cream, toasted pecans and a house-candied cherry on top.

Address: 1901 N. Shepherd Drive

Stop 3: Hugo’s

The last stop on the trop ended at Hugo’s, home of award-winning chef, Hugo Ortega. Here, guests received Pato en Mole Poblano-braised duck with mole Poblano and quelites and Costillas de Res con Mole Negro short rib with mole negro. To drink, the ‘Y Porque No’ Margaritas!

Address: 1600 Westheimer Rd.