What better day to celebrate National Champagne Day than on December 31st! It’s officially the best day of the year to enjoy bubbly! While there are plenty of events going on for NYE (find a few here) you can celebrate the day of champagne in a more low key way at various spots around town.

The Dunlavy

The Dunlavy is a beautiful space with floor to ceiling windows right on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. To celebrate champagne, try the seasonal cheese tray with options from Houston Dairy Maids, served with Verve Brut Rose. The Dunlavy also features The Kitchen at The Dunlavy, a “glass tree house dining room” restaurant with a SoCal-inspired menu of fresh breakfast and dinner options.


a'boozy Champagne Bucket

If there is anywhere you need to go to celebrate National Champagne Day, it’s here. a’Bouzy (pronounced “ah boozy”) in Upper Kirby pairs menu items with a wide variety of bubbly drinks. They have more than 250 champagnes and sparkling wines on hand. Developed by co-executive chefs Freddie Gonzaga (America’s and Clark Cooper Concepts) and Jose Ruiz (Grove and Liberty Kitchen), the robust menu includes a large raw bar, Alaskan King crab, Maine lobster, pickled vegetables, prime cut meats, salads, sandwiches and a variety of seasonal items.

Brasserie 19

Sipping on champagne while eating oysters is one of the best ways to enjoy a chilly Houston afternoon. The two go together just right! Brasserie 19 offers guests a well-executed menu of high-quality French fare, with a twist, of course. Don’t forget to try the Texas Sweet Onion Soup and Steak Frites.

Coppa Osteria

Coppa Osteria's Champagne and OystersAh, pizza. Coppa Osteria has your pizza fix, and why not pair it with champagne? The 5,000 square-foot restaurant in Rice Village has meat and cheese boards, sandwiches and pizza that all pair perfectly with a light glass of champagne. We recommend Fritto Misto & Veuve Brut Rose if you’re looking for something other than a traditional glass of champagne.

The Chocolate Bar

End your celebrate of National Champagne Day with a little treat. The Chocolate Bar features solid chocolate champagne Magnums, splits and mini-splits. They also have champagne creams and champagne jelly bellys. The candy creations are perfect for topping off an afternoon out, or for a surprise treat for someone special in your life.

Field and Tides

This hot new dinner spot in The Heights’ (former Zelko Bistro space) offers locally sourced American fare with a focus on seafood and local products. They swear seafood is best with a bubbly drink and have great champagne and sparkling wine selections on the menu. They are also open for weekend brunch, which we agree is always better with a glass of sparkling champagne. Enjoy!

Momo Food and Wine

Moms Food & Wine Bar ChampagneMomo Food + Wine is built on inspiration from actual travels and future explorations. There is a warm and inviting environment with multiple areas with the space to suit your mood on any night. Happy hour options often include champagne which you can pair with a menu special.