6 Piano Project

May 4, 2019
2101 Winter Street | Houston, TX 77007
Contact: Grace Zuniga
Phone: (512) 731-0314
Times: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: Suggested Donation $1-$25
Area of Town: Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

The 6-Piano Project is coming to Houston on May 4th at Sawyer Yards. Come experience an immersive classical work of 6 pianos in surround sound by composer, Nathan Felix. And please stay tuned for more information such as opening acts, sponsors & more. "The 6-Piano Project will be a collaboration between Nathan Felix and Sawyer Yards in Houston. For this event Felix will collect and restore pianos via Craigslist or by donation. Then on May 4th 2019, the Houston community will be invited to enjoy an evening of music performed on these restored pianos, concluding with Felix’s compositions specifically written for six pianos in which the audience will sit in the middle of the performance space with each piano strategically positioned along the walls, creating a surround sound experience.After living in Los Angeles, Felix realized the importance and value of the ‘arts’ in community integration. With that in mind, he took to creating a performance to not only involve the community, but benefit it as well. The idea is to collect six pianos that are considered “trash” to some, and convert them into “treasures” for others. The restored pianos will be used in a night of performances by Houston artists, and concluding with Felix’s six piano composition where the audience sits center to the strategic positioning of pianos creating a surround-sound experience.Felix introduced the 6 Piano Project concert series in the Rundberg neighborhood (a neighborhood overlooked in terms of arts events) in North Austin, TX in November of 2015 and has since produced the project in San Antonio (2016), Barcelona (2017) and Melbourne (2017) . Felix hopes this ongoing project will contribute to the community by providing resources for a new generation of artists/musicians."