Abduction from the Seraglio Dr

April 26, 2017 - April 26, 2017
Recurring daily
Houston Grand Opera
510 Preston Street, Suite 500 | Houston, TX 77002

Turkish pirates in the Mediterranean have boarded and looted a yacht carrying the noblewoman Konstanze, her maidservant Blonde, and Blonde’s beloved Pedrillo, the personal valet of Konstanze’s fiancé, Belmonte. Intrigued by Konstanze, the wealthy pasha Selim purchases the three from the pirates: he gives Blonde to his servant Osmin as a present, puts Pedrillo to work for him and tries to win Konstanze’s love. Konstanze, however, longs for Belmonte and resists the pasha’s advances. Belmonte traces them to the pasha’s private car on the Orient Express, about to depart Istanbul for Paris. Belmonte quickly locates Pedrillo and the two men devise an escape plan. Pedrillo gets Osmin drunk and he falls asleep. Just as the prisoners are escaping, however, Osmin awakens and sends for the guards, who recapture the four. The pasha is informed of his prisoners’ treachery and he arrives to question them. He learns that Belmonte is the son of an old enemy, but rather than take revenge, he frees his captives. As the train pulls into the Paris station, the lovers vow never to forget the pasha’s kindness and the crowd sings praise to Selim.

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