April Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Meet and Greet Fun Walk

April 27, 2019
1422 Ledwicke St | Houston, TX 77029
Contact: Emma Carroll
Phone: (832) 248-6621
Times: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Admission: Walk Registration $25 includes tshirt

Sarcoidosis (SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is an inflammatory disease that can occur in any demographic regardless of age, gender or race, however, it often strikes people with a wide array of mysterious symptoms in the prime of their lives between 20-40 years of age. It occurs when an individual’s immune system goes into overdrive and they develop granulomas, tiny clumps of inflammatory cells, in one or more organ of their body. When too many of these clumps form, they can interfere with an organ’s function and lead to permanent damage, and death does occur. The cause of this disease is unknown.