Artist & Curator Tour of "Philippine-Made"

4848 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

Join Matt Manalo, the artist behind “Philippine-Made,” and the exhibition’s curator, Kathryn Hall, for an intimate walkthrough of an autobiographical body of work made from air-dry clay, bamboo, and plant materials with cultural ties to Manalo’s home country of the Philippines.

Born in Manila, Manalo has spent exactly half his life in America—an experience that has served as a pivotal point of inflection for the artist. The exhibition encapsulates this important moment in Manalo’s life, while also giving visibility to the Filipinx community and confronting the colonial legacy that persists following America’s occupation of the Philippines from 1898-1946.About Matt ManaloBased in Houston, TX, Matt Manalo is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Manila, Philippines.

Incorporating raw materials and found objects, his environmentally conscious work tackles ideas surrounding his self-identification as an immigrant, along with his feelings of displacement and how the concept of home is defined. In his artistic practice, he addresses the physical and social structures of the Philippines and the United States, as well as the effects of colonization, including the erasure of histories and the presence of colorism.

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