Bokashi and Vermicomposting Gardening Class

August 10, 2019
5555 Hermann Park Drive | Houston, TX 77030
Contact: Information/Tickets: 713.639.4629
Phone: (713) 639-4629
Times: 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Admission: HMNS/Urban Harvest Members $30, Tickets $40.
Area of Town: Museum District

Stop throwing your food scraps in the trash. Come learn the how tos and the benefits of bokashi and vermicomposting. Bokashi composting uses kitchen scraps of all kinds, including meat and dairy products, mixed with inoculated bran to make compost faster than bin composting. Vermicomposting uses composting worms to recycle kitchen, garden, and specific paper wastes. The worms turn the waste into worm castings that are nutrient rich. Minimum age of participants is 15 years.Co-sponsored by Urban Harvest.

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