BYOB: Well Done Cooking Classes (August 2017)

August 3, 2017
2811 Airline Drive, Ste 5 | Houston, TX 77009
Phone: (832) 872-3518
Admission: $59-79 per person; $158 per couple
Area of Town: Houston Heights

8/2/17:First Wednesdays - This is How We Roll - Sushi!(6:30pm; $69per person)- 8/3/17:French Macarons(6:30pm; $69per person)- 8/4/17:Date Night! - Dinner in Rome(6:30pm; $79per person)- 8/5/17:Paella and More!(2:30pm;$69per person)- 8/5/17:Date Night! - Sushi Rolling Party(6:30pm; $158per couple)- 8/9/17: Cooking Techniques - Mastering Eggs Omelettes & Quiches(6:30pm; $59per person)- 8/10/17:Baking 101(6:30pm; $59per person)- 8/11/17:Date Night! - Steak House Classics(6:30pm;$158per couple)- 8/12/17:Cooking Fundamentals - Cooking Techniques Basics(2:00pm; $69 per person)- 8/12/17:Date Night! - More Food Men Love!(6:30pm; $79 per person)- 8/16/17:Cooking Techniques - Risottos, Grains, & Potatoes(6:30pm;$59per person)- 8/17/17:Cooking Fundamentals - Knife Skills 1 Veggies & Herbs(6:30pm; $59per person)- 8/18/17:Date Night! - International Grilling Party(6:30pm;$79per person) - 8/19/17:Cooking Techniques - Fish(2:30pm; $79per person)- 8/19/17:Date Night! - Three Course Dinner - Steak(6:30pm; $79per person)- 8/23/17:Cooking Fundamentals - Knife Skills 2 Chicken and Fish(6:30pm;$79per person)- 8/25/17:Date Night! - Dinner in Provence(6:30pm; $79per person)- 8/26/17:Cooking Techniques - Beef(2:30pm;$69per person)- Night! - Dinner in Tuscany(6:30pm;$79per person)-

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