Collection InSight: The Dharani Scroll

May 16, 2019
1324 W. Clay Street | Houston, TX 77019
Contact: June O'Neill
Phone: (713) 522-4652
Times: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Admission: Registration: $8. Free for TPM members.
Area of Town: Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

Explore the world of East Asian printing with a close study of Dharani Scroll. Commissioned in 764, by Empress Shōtoku, one million small wooden pagodas were crafted and contained a small woodblock-printed paper scroll (typically 6 x 45 cm) printed with a Buddhist text, the Vimalasuddhaprabhasa mahadharani sutra, and distributed to temples around the country as thanksgiving for the suppression of the Emi Rebellion. These are the earliest examples of woodblock printing known, or documented, from Japan and possibly the oldest verifiable printed matter.