Connecting through Comedy: A Conversation with Aasif Mandvi

January 24, 2019
1370 Southmore Boulevard | Houston, TX 77004
Phone: (713) 496-9901
Times: 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM
Admission: $20 -$42
Area of Town: Museum District

Mandvi, who rose to fame as the satirically named “Senior Middle East Correspondent” on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is a Peabody Award-winning actor, writer, creator, comedian, author, and producerBorn in India and raised both in the U.K. and Florida, he has become a powerful spokesperson for American Muslims, using comedy and entertainment to discuss prevalent issues and to remind us of our shared humanity.

In a recent New York Times interview, Mandvi remarked, "First of all, I want [an audience] to be entertained. And I want them to laugh. And then maybe it will make people think about the absurdity of fear and prejudice, and say, oh that's interesting, I never thought about it that way.

Mandvi will be first speaker of 2019 at Asia Society’s Brown Performing Arts Theater. Asia Society welcomes thought leaders, artists, and politicians to discuss today’s most pressing topics and to share in cultural dialogue.