EMN – Ensemble Mik Nawooj

501 Texas Ave
(713) 227-4772
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    Led by composer/pianist, JooWan Kim, hip hop orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj (EMN) creates new concert music based on the musical materials of hip-hop and by sampling compatible classical compositional techniques. Executed with MCs/lyricists Do D.A.T. and Sandman, a lyric soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, drums and bass, the music is rigorous, nuanced, accessible, and free from the dogmas of Western European concert music aesthetic. The result is seamless tête-à-tête with “textures swimming through the sound…like the world’s fastest ping-pong game” (Pitchfork) and is considered the “cutting edge of hip-hop” (Huffington Post).

    Joowan Kim, composer and pianist
    Do D.A.T., MC and lyricist
    Sandman, MC and lyricist


    Single tickets on sale December 16, 2019

    Ticket prices starting at $29

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