Everyday Sorcery Exhibition

November 16, 2018
4411 Montrose Suite F, Houston, TX 77006
4411 Montrose Suite F | Houston, TX 77006
Contact: Cindy Lisica
Phone: 713807760
Times: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Admission: Free
Area of Town: Montrose

Cindy Lisica Gallery presents the newest paintings by the celebrated Houston artist Catherine Colangelo. “Everyday Sorcery” refers to her roles of artist and mother, and this body of work was created during an especially tumultuous time. While the pieces are rich in personal symbolism, the “outsider” may not be privy to the stories behind the images. Colangelo takes us on a powerful visual journey that stems from her own personal relationships. With her son becoming a teenager and “leaving the nest”, the days of being a physical protector to a child are gone. She works through life’s issues with a splendid process resulting in vibrant colors, refined forms, and careful layering of gouache on muslin. Colangelo’s visual vocabulary includes metaphysical and symbolic images of protection. Familiar to followers of her past work, the all-seeing eyes persist, as well as mazes, masks and veils, which serve to confuse those spirits with bad intent. Further dimension is added with “Mom” rattles, to be shaken in the dark. Currents of fresh and saltwater bring strong directional currents that merge in estuaries. Heliotropes are bright colored flowers that grow toward light, and, according to the artist: “Paintings reflect unexpected elements and bittersweet emotions. For example, kites are an emblem of childhood potential. Kites can soar high, take unpredictable twists and turns, crash to the ground, or even grow an unexpected number of tails. Life is funny that way.” Intuitively painted with colorful patterns, the work functions as protective talismans and examines the uplifting power of color and the creative process during emotional periods in our lives.