Five Funny French Films

March 31, 2017 - April 2, 2017
Recurring daily
1001 Bissonnet Street | Houston, TX 77005
Admission: Admission is $9 for the general public and $7 for MFAH members
Area of Town: Museum District

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, presents the seventh annual edition of Five Funny French Films. French films play a significant role in world cinema, and this showcase offers Houstonians the chance to see comedies that have entertained audiences in France. Selections feature renowned actors alongside emerging talents. Unless otherwise indicated, all films are in French with English subtitles.

Struggle for Life (La loi de la jungle)
(Directed by Antonin Peretjatko, France, 2016, 99 min.)
Friday, March 31, at 7 p.m.

When deadbeat Marc Châtaigne (Vincent Macaigne) snags an internship with a French government ministry, he is surprised to learn that his assignment is to launch a ski resort in tropical French Guyana. Naturally, once in Guyana, everything that could go wrong goes wrong: the resort site is overgrown, a dogged tax collector is on Marc’s heels, and an encounter with local guerillas propels Marc deep into the jungle. Luckily, he is accompanied by the savvy Tarzan, a scrappy beauty played by Vimala Pons.
This Young French Cinema program was made possible with the support of UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

Uncompleted Song (Comment c’est loin)
(Directed by Orelsan and Christophe Hoffenstein, France, 2015, 90 min.)
Friday, March 31, at 9 p.m.

Uncompleted Song is the hilarious, heartwarming, autobiographical tale of leading French rapper Orelsan’s struggle to make his hip-hop dreams come true. When the film starts, Orel is working as a night receptionist at a hotel in Normandy. It has been five years since he and his best friend Gringe made waves by rapping on a local radio show. Unfortunately, they have not finished anything since and the producers who have been supporting them deliver an ultimatum: Orel and Gringe have 24 hours to write a song before they pull the plug. Uncompleted Song follows one epic day in which an old friendship is tested, relationships are ended, a vocation is questioned, and one triumphant song is finally written.

This Young French Cinema program was made possible with the support of UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.
Struggle for Life (La loi de la jungle);
Screening Friday, March 31, at 7 p.m.

The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)
(Directed by Jaco Van Dormael, Belgium/France/Luxembourg, 2015, 113 min.)
Saturday, April 1, at 7 p.m.

The Brand New Testament begins with one simple conceit: God exists and He’s a jerk. He (Benoît Poelvoorde) lives in a high-rise apartment in Brussels and never gets out of His pajamas. He takes sadistic delight in dreaming up new “laws” to torment humanity, and He’s a petty tyrant to his wife (Yolande Moreau) and 10-year-old daughter, Ea (Pili Groyne). Like her brother before her, Ea has had enough of her Father’s abuse. After escaping and with her Father in pursuit, she gathers apostles and writes her own New Testament to try to fix the mess her Father has made of humanity. Her six apostles, a one-armed woman, a sex maniac, a killer, a woman (Catherine Deneuve) who has been left by her husband, an office worker, and a gender dysphoric child, learn to celebrate life and love. The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament) will screen again on Saturday, April 8, at 4 p.m.

One Man and His Cow (La vache)
(Directed by Mohamed Hamidi, France, 2016, 91 min., in French and Arabic with English subtitles)
Saturday, April 1, at 9:15 p.m.
Fatah (Fatsah Bouyahmed), a humble Algerian farmer, dreams of taking his beloved cow, Jacqueline, to the annual Paris Agricultural Show. When he receives the precious invitation, he leaves his land for the first time, takes a ferry to Marseille, and crosses France on foot, heading for the Porte de Versailles Show Ground. Between making new friends, having new experiences, and encountering some unwelcome surprises, Fatah and Jacqueline have an unexpected and very tender adventure across the country.

We Are Family (C’est quoi cette famille?)
(Directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière, France, 2015, 98 minutes)
Sunday, April 2, at 5p.m.

This ultimate blended family romantic comedy starts with 13-year-old Bastien. Through the various divorces and new relationships of his parents, he has six step-siblings. Constantly carrying their parents’ lives on their backs, the children call themselves “The Turtles.” The kids hatch a revolutionary plan: they’ll live in one place and the grownups will be the ones rotating. Once confronted with how complicated they’ve made their offsprings’ lives, the parents reluctantly agree. Even though nothing works out as expected, everyone realizes that even a fragmented family can become united in solidarity, in this great big loving mess of a home.

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