Forbidden Fruit: Live Music & Stand-up Comedy

1515 Pease St Houston, TX 77002
  • Presented By: Fresh Oranges
  • Dates: 12/16/2021
  • Location: Island 1515
  • Address: 1515 Pease St
  • Phone: (832) 264-1327
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Price: $20 – $80
  • Admission: $20 – $80
  • Area of Town: Downtown

Forbidden Fruit is perfect for date night, an outing with your crew, or a solo indulgence.

It begins at the door, you are greeted with love and enveloped in music that lifts your spirit. Your mouth waters as you read the menu--everything looks so good! You place your order and relax in your seat. This is the vibe you've been looking for.

The guitarist begins to strum, before you know it you are tapping your foot in time with the music. The band bursts into a crescendo of sound that melts all of your worries.

Your drink comes. It makes you relax even more. Now you are standing. Soon after, you are dancing. The band is feeding your soul and your enjoyment is feeding the music.

The host takes the stage. She is sweet and funny and leads everyone through a greeting. You feel even more at home.

Your food arrives. You take a bite and moan. It's just the way you like it.

The first comedian comes to the stage. You almost spit out your drink he is so funny. The next comedian is hilarious too. The last makes you laugh until you cry.

There's a short break. You order a hookah. The fragrant smoke takes your enjoyment even higher.

Then the musical guest begins. Her voice is angelic. The words of her songs touch your heart.

The show ends and you can't believe it's been 3 hours already. You take pictures and tag the event. You write a glowing review on Eventbrite. You text 10 friends. They have to check this out next month.

Join us the third Thursday of every month and every Thursday in '22!

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