Gandhi's Gun, Ratchet Dolls, Minister Fiend & more

February 23, 2019
Acadia Bar & Grill
3939 Cypress Creek Parkway | Houston, TX 77068
Contact: Joe Thomas Dwyer
Phone: (281) 893-2860
Times: 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Admission: $10 - $15
Area of Town: Northwest

About Ratchet Dolls Formed in late 2010 The Ratchet Dolls went from being the outcasts to rising to the top of the South Texas music scene. Starting out playing small venues with local metal bands they could not have been more mismatched. Funny thing is that by the end of each set they had the crowds going crazy.
Fast forward to 2012. The band starts getting courted by several small labels. They are now the most sought after band in the region. They sign with Rock Angels Management and start touring throughout Texas.
The Ratchet Dolls continued filling up venues around Texas, and opening for national acts. They also recorded their first EP while building an international fanbase online.

About Gandhi's Gun With positive messaging and an aggressive edge, Gandhi’s Gun combines the best elements of rock from days past with the most modern textures of synths and electronic dance music. Fronted by two perfectly matched male and female voices, the San Antonio based group steps ahead of their time while remaining comfortably familiar. The most recent incarnation of the group formed in late 2015, has two full length albums, and has released their 2017 EP titled “The Changes We Face.”

Minister Fiend is a Rock band out of San Antonio TX. on vocals Harley Thompson the band is a mixture of DARK imagery and amazing live performances. Not settling for normal styles and looks the band likes to push the envelope. The release of their full length album CHEMICALLY ENHANCED is proof of just that philosophy. They have combined some heavy guitars, thunderous drums and anthemic vocals. The guyz have put it all on the line. Harley Thompson leading this band of misfits is backed by David Draven and Jonathan Darkchild on guitars, Bill Ruks on bass and backing vocals and Machine on drums.

— at Texas Mist.