Ghorsts - Art & Social

September 28, 2019
600 W Gray St | Houston, TX 77019
Contact: Gordon Greenleaf
Phone: (832) 526-0125
Times: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Admission: FREE
Free Admission: Yes

As we creep up on that spooky, Halloweeny time of year, it occurred to us to loosely base our next art show on ghosts - the supernatural phenomenon, ectoplasm, orbs, and apparitions that pervade this time of year. We asked our select group of artists if they have encountered such and we are on edge of our seats waiting for what they reveal to us at our next show, "Ghosts - Art & Social". Dress in black and come on out and socialize with the artists, see what they've conjured from the other side, and enjoy the unearthly, unnatural, supernatural, otherworldly, illusory, unreal, shadowy, eerie, weird, uncanny, mysterious, magical, mystic, strange, abnormal, freakish mood. Costumes or funeral attire welcome. We'll also have a Tarot card reader, and 'spirits' served up by Cecil's Pub.FREE ADMISSION, BUT $1.86 TICKET FROM EVENTBRITE ENTERS YOU IN A DRAWING FOR A PIECE OF HANDMADE JEWELRY FROM TARA JORDAN-GREENLEAF