Historic Galveston Ghost Tours

23rd and Sealy (begin tours)
(832) 245-0492
  • Dates: October 12, 2018 - October 31, 2019
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Address: 23rd and Sealy (begin tours)
  • Phone: (832) 245-0492
  • Time: Tours meet every day at 8pm April 1st - October 31st and at 7:30 pm November 1st - March 31st
  • Price: Starting at $15
  • Admission: Starting at $15
  • Area of Town: Galveston
  • overview

    So you want to see some ghosts? Welcome to Historic Galveston Ghost Tours…the most haunted place in America. A cemetery as big as the island with a beach attached. 10,000 souls lost their lives in one night and they’re all still here dyeing to meet you. Filled with horror, Galveston’s Ghost history is unmatched with episodes of murder, suicide, cannibalism, pirates, ghosts and visions that will plague your very soul. Unworldly visions that cannot be rationally explained.  The stories that you’ll hear as we venture on our 1½ hour walking Ghost Tour, past the gilded mansions and palaces are only whispered about on Galveston.  People here are too afraid to open a dialog with the dead… afraid to unlock the gates of hell. We’ll unravel the horrible, scary secrets that lurk inside the ghost sanctuaries… secrets kept for the past 150 years! We have researched stacks of photographs and letters from those who won’t stay dead! We dive warily into the haunted past and uncover the reasons why this unstoppable paranormal force still grips the island. Bring your garlic, crosses and silver bullets as we descend into the ghost hunt darkness. This Ghost tour is for believers and nonbelievers alike. You’ll turn from skeptic to ghost hunter and learn about Galveston’s unparalleled and fascinating paranormal history along way.  This tour is appropriate for all ages. But beware, you may have to run fast…
    very fast to escape the clutches of the ghosts.

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