Leandro Erlich: Seeing Is Not Believing

1001 Bissonnet Street Houston, TX 77005
  • Dates: 9/1/2022, 9/2/2022, 9/3/2022, 9/4/2022, 9/5/2022
  • Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  • Address: 1001 Bissonnet Street
  • Area of Town: Museum District
  • Child Admission: Free
  • Adult Admission: $19

Last call for the Leandro Erlich: Seeing Is Not Believing exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston! This exhibit creates optical illusions that force you to question your perception of reality, rendering everyday situations confounding. You’ll enjoy a staircase to nowhere and an elevator that appears partially stuck below ground. Seeing Is Not Believing features two of Erlich’s most iconic installations: Bâtiment (Façade) and Le cabinet du psy (The Psychoanalyst’s Office). You have to see it to believe it! 

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