Looking at a Flower, Chapter 3 by Joseph Cohen

April 27, 2019
Winston Contemporary Art
2426 Bartlett St., Ste. D | Houston, TX 77098
Contact: Melissa Richardson Banks
Phone: (213) 537-4483
Times: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: FREE
Area of Town: West University/Rice Village
Free Admission: Yes

Opening Reception= Thursday, March 21 @ 6-9pmArtist Talk = Saturday, April 6 @ 1-2pm Closing Reception = Saturday, April 27 @ 4-6pmHouston-based artist and scientist Joseph Cohen builds on his “Looking at a Flower” trilogy by introducing his “Nanostrings” series, accompanied by a hexalogy of multi-layered squares, one central piece, and selected works from Chapters 1 & 2. In Chapter 3, his new works incorporate a range of nanomaterials – from tracer dyes to separated carbon nanotubes – that fluoresce outside of the visible spectrum, both ultraviolet and infrared. Applying similar vocabulary as his previous works, the “Nanostrings” are comprised of countless layers creating a topography that can be broken down and shown through different wavelengths of light. These works allow for multi-dimensional viewing: when observed using a handheld light source (385nm), they transform; and, under natural light, there is an evident, yet subtle, glow emitted from the works because of Cohen’s use of purified phosphorus.