Max Frost

October 1, 2017
House of Blues Houston
1204 Caroline St | Houston, TX 77002
Times: 7:00 PM
Area of Town: Downtown

Doors 7PM Show 8PM This is an all ages event.


It began as an experiment. Music had always been the focus of Max Frost's short, 17­ year­ old, guitar­ playing life in Austin, Texas. He was obsessed with The Beatles, Hendrix, Sinatra, and Sam Cooke. The Blues were his foundation.

The summer he turned 19 he made this slow beat and wrote a hook over it called “Nice and Slow.” He used his sampled vocal approach and started sending the song around and playing it for people. The response was always, “Whoa! Where did you sample this from?” At that moment, his sound was born. 

“White Lies” charted on Hype Machine and a few months later he signed with Atlantic Records. A major-label deal marked a serious second chapter in his creative life. Songs were no longer practice swings. They counted. There were real stakes now.

Though he remained a producer on all the tracks and played 90 percent of the instruments, the songs were elevated thanks to the input of the brilliant writers and producers he met — guys like Benny Blanco, Nick Ruth, and Franc Tetaz. What began as an experiment in a basement lab blossomed into a larger- scale process, resulting in the songs on his new EP, Intoxication.

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