Meowvie Night

June 23, 2017
El Gato Coffeehouse & Cat Cottage
508 Pecore St., Suite A | Houston, TX 77009
Contact: Renee Reed
Phone: (832) 968-3006
Times: 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Admission: Movie pass is $25 for adults and $23 for students with a valid ID.
Area of Town: Houston Heights

Do you frequently find yourself staying in on a Friday night watching movies with your cat? We agree that it a great way to spend a Friday night, but do you know what is even better? Spending your evening cuddling with LOTS of cats AND helping them prepare for adoption by socializing. The cats aren't the only ones benefiting from socialization, as you also come to hang out and watch movies with some of the coolest cat people in town.Email us at to find out the featured cat film if the following hint isn't enough. This horror film movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel includes a cameo of Stephen King himself as a minister. Movie is an hour & 45 minutes and movie pass includes 2 hours with the cats.Movie is rated R.

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