Ostia Antica, The Port City of Ancient Rome

June 13, 2019
Italian Cultural & Community Center
1101 Milford St | Houston, TX 0
Phone: (713) 524-4222
Times: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: $10 ICCC Members | $15 Non-members
Area of Town: Museum District

The ancient city of Ostia lies at the mouth of the Tiber River, about 15 miles southwest of the center of Rome. Founded as a military camp in the 4th century BC as a defense against invasion from the sea, Ostia grew into a large commercial center as Rome stabilized the Mediterranean area in the late 1st century BC. Ostia, as the port of Rome, flourished during the imperial era, but as Rome declined, so did Ostia. The city was abandoned in the 6th century AD due to hostile attacks and malaria. Eventually, the city was covered with sand and silt from the flooding of the Tiber. Excavations, beginning in the 19th century and continuing today, have revealed an archeological site that has been remarkably well preserved since ancient times. Join us as we provide an overview of the significant features of Ostia Antica. This PowerPoint presentation is taken from a series of walking guides to archeological sites in Ancient Rome that Aulbach and Gorski are currently writing. These include Along the Aurelian Wall, Campus Martius and its Ancient Monuments, and the Public Lands of Ostia Antica. All of their books will be available for purchase at the meeting. ICCC is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.