Permanent Collection

2540 Times Blvd. Houston, TX 77005

PERMANENT COLLECTIONBy Thomas GibbonsAfrican-American businessman Sterling North has been named the new director of the Morris Foundation. He soon discovers that this world-famous art collection includes several significant African sculptures tucked away in storage. His proposal to add them to the public galleries is opposed by the Foundation’s long-time education director, loyal to the idiosyncratic wishes of the late Dr. Morris who left direct orders never to change the art. Spurred on by a zealous local journalist, the clash quickly escalates to public accusations of racism and a bitter struggle for control of the collection.“Gibbons’ intellectually charged drama is a beautifully balanced dialectic that treats a complicated and emotional issue without cheap conclusions… Sophisticated and deft, it is a provocative treatment of the unanswerable.” (Los Angeles Times)

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