Pi Day Pi(e) Fight

March 14, 2019
1500 Binz Street | Houston, TX 77004
Phone: (713) 522-1138
Admission: $0 -$12
Area of Town: Museum District

March 14 is Pi (π) Day and it celebrates the infinite, non-repeating number 3.14…  It’s also the day when the Children’s Museum of Houston’s 9th Annual Shaving Cream Pi(e) Fight will take place.  The Museum is looking for children, ages 8 and up, and adults who would like to participate in a messy, Pi(e)-induced frenzy.
PI-fight is limited to pre-registered guests.

Registration TBA

Special Events

  • Einstein Appearance: Albert Einstein has decided to spend his birthday at the Children’s Museum of Houston and will make a special appearance.
    • Event time: TBA
  • Shaving Cream Pi(e) Fight: Have a piece of π!  Watch as we shut down the street for an all-out shaving cream Pi(e) battle royal.
    • Event time: 1:59 p.m on Ewing Street.

***Activities, events and times subject to change. This event will be canceled if there are severe weather conditions.