Pon Di Beat: Afrombeats w/ Izzy Odigie All Levels Dance Masterclass

June 22, 2019
Inspired Movement
508 Pecore St | Houston, TX 77009
Contact: Mélissa Peng
Phone: (305) 814-6357
Times: 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Admission: $32-$50
Area of Town: Houston Heights

This month's Pon Di Beat class features a dance class from the Co-Founder of African Dance Collective TRŸBE - Izzy Odigie ! We hope to see you for this event and for the rest of the 2019 Pon Di Beat series. AFROBEATS Experience Afrobeats like never before! Afrobeats fitness and choreo combine to create a class so fun you won't event realize you are getting a workout in. ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR:IZZY ODIGIE Afro-fusion choreographer/dancer Iziegbe 'Izzy' Odigie started dancing as a child growing up in Nigeria. At her boarding school, she would participate in weekly break dance competitions with fellow students. This “street dance” experience further sparked her interest in American hip-hop & pop. In 2007, Odigie moved to the States and began seriously pursuing an artistic career.WHAT IS PON DI BEAT:Pon Di Beat brings the best Dancehall and Afrobeat dance and dance fitness to Texas in 2019. Every month top choreographers in Dancehall and Afrobeat styles are coming to Texas to give you 2 jam packed all levels classes! Classes will take place in Austin and Houston Texas!NEW CLASS PASSES:We are now offering Class Passes for 3, 5, or 10 classes at a discounted rate! Check out our 2019 Line Up on our website at www.pondibeat.com for upcoming featured choreographers and get ready to dance with us!