Shapes of Changing Times

September 27, 2018
5200 Montrose Blvd. | Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 524-8253
Times: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Admission: $5 for members, $20 for nonmembers
Area of Town: Museum District

How do humans make sense of the world? Journey through time — from tribal ceremonies in Liberia and the pyramids of Egypt to the gravity-defying architecture of modern China — with documentary filmmaker Lois Stark as she unveils a hidden key to our worldview: shape. We’ll learn how migratory humans understood the world as a circular web, interconnected with nature. When civilization entered, humans built pyramids and skyscrapers that fit a ladder worldview, full of hierarchy and measurements. Today, the network masters our daily lives through the Internet’s ever-evolving links and hubs. What’s next? By watching when shapes shift, we’ll read the past and glimpse the future.