Shayne Murphy: Ignis Fatuus

November 16, 2018
4411 Montrose Blvd. | Houston, TX 77845
Phone: (713) 524-2299
Times: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Admission: Free
Area of Town: Montrose
Free Admission: Yes

Anya Tish Gallery is delighted to announce Ignis Fatuus, a solo-exhibition featuring recent paintings and drawings by Houston-based artist Shayne Murphy. This will mark Murphy’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Murphy’s latest body of work, inspired by Judeo-Christian mythology and its iconography, entices the viewer to contemplate the alluring yet deceptive realm of evil. Dangerous and irresistibly fascinating, Murphy’s anachronistic images, embellished in “otherworldly smoke”, Ignis Fatuus, conjure up an atmosphere that draws the viewer into a realm of mystery and intrigue. In a state of dynamic but halted action, the characters are juxtaposed against featureless stark backgrounds. Their placid expressions lead the viewer to question the motive behind the scene they are witnessing. Murphy uses oils and graphite on panel to construct an eerie realm. Contrasted tones and flat shapes coincide with graphite scribbles and brooding shadows. The slow methodical application of paint and painstakingly applied graphite mark- making furthers the divergent vocabulary which encompasses the narrative arcs. In his large-scale charcoal drawing, “Leviathan Surfacing”, swirling, abstracted clouds and swift movements put the viewer in the midst of a brewing storm created by a mythical creature with enormous strength, the primal monster of the waters. In his drawings Murphy utilizes a rich breadth of grey-scale that elicits the nature of a dreamscape, creating a space that hovers in and out of reality.