Space on Screen

May 24, 2019
1601 NASA Parkway | Houston, TX 77058
Times: 7:00 PM
Admission: $8 for the public, $5 for members
Area of Town: Clear Lake/Bay Area Houston

“There’s a total and complete silence in that beautiful view and the realization, of course, that you’re going 25,000 miles an hour.”Experience the Apollo missions like the astronauts who flew aboard them with this visually compelling documentary. Hear stories and commentary straight from the Apollo astronauts themselves, woven amongst original Apollo film. In a labor of love, director Al Reinert went through more than six million feet of film to create this historic must-see motion picture that captures the raw emotions and experiences in the retelling of each moment. Relive history with this classic which chronicles the remarkable Apollo era in a way it has never before been done.Join us at Space Center Houston Friday, May 24 for the next installment in our Space on Screen series, featuring the awe-inspiring documentary film, “For All Mankind.”