Stallman: Double Play

December 2, 2017
Laura Rathe Fine Art
2707 Colquitt St. | Houston, TX 77098
Times: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: Free
Area of Town: Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza
Free Admission: Yes

Laura Rathe Fine Art announces the exhibition Double Play, featuring works by Stallman, with an opening reception on the 2nd of December from 6-9 pm. This exhibition brings together an extended collection of Stallman’s works, which are highly concerned with light, perspective and exploring the limits of a canvas. Double Play will be on view through January 06, 2018 at 2707 Colquitt Street. In a collision of sculpture and painting, Stallman digs deep into the roots of a canvas for a full structural expansion, using canvas strips and color to create vibrant and raw conceptual images. This exhibition reveals an exhilaration of colors provoking a sense of innocent wonder and awe.


For Stallman, this new set of work is a series of dynamic landscapes with incremental effects of color that create dissolving paths leading them to their own inner sanctuary.Under its surface the collection exposes an extraordinary craftsmanship. Its technical dexterity invents a spontaneous, innovative approach to art that reflects the human consciousness of creation within a labyrinth of spaces. Stallman, taking inspiration from gradients and patterns in nature, arrange the canvas strips to create abstract and minimal organic forms, resembling petals or undulating waves, that divide the frame with curve like folds and shapes throughout. Highly dramatic and visually complex, the canvas still retains a sense of softness and fluidity. In constant flux, Stallman’s perspective play with movement adds an intimate and meditative quality to the artworks, becoming an echo of the unscripted performance between the canvas and its viewer. Unlike their previously constructed mandalas, these new works reach outside the frame into the audience inviting us to add our own perspective alongside each color, fold and crevice. The exhibition encourages its viewers to take part in the performance by engaging with the movement of the artwork as these living sculptures begin to blur the line between art and life.This exhibition sets out to intrigue, engage and enthrall diverse visitors with works that leads us to unexpected juxtapositions of human consciousness and new encounters of the audience’s place in art. The collection engages contemporary audiences through a truly visionary exhibition and by breaking away from traditional canons; Stallman sheds new light on today’s artistic technology. The work’s colorful landscape produces a reflective performance and optical play, a unique vision composed of form, highlights and movement. Continuing their artistic unveiling with the same energetic desire of exploration, and alongside the support of a growing national and international audience and an expanding studio, Stallman continues to ceaselessly create ingenious works as never seen before.

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