11551 Aerospace Avenue Houston, TX 77034

Trapeze is a vision that has been in the very fiber of Wayne J. Bell’s being since he was 11 years old.Trapeze defines the concept of creating a visual experience free and unencumbered by weight and even volume.Trapeze is the first visual art exhibit that will combine height, suspension and aerodynamics thereby creating the perfect marriage of aviation and fine art.Something that until now, has not been exhibited. This exhibit will be presented in multiple cities, nationally and internationally.For me, Trapeze is more than the artwork. It’s a way of life, its transition, its faith, its hope and courage.Trapeze is about an evolution and elevation of the human spirit. Every aesthetic element of this exhibition serves a specific and deliberate purpose.The evening is to use the art to celebrate the moments in life where our own “true colors” come alive.The works presented at a height are symbols of conquering fear and oneself.The mirrors are the application medium that present the viewer with a reflection of color in an altered reality.This occasion will serve as a journey within and up. I hope that everyone present will leave with something they newly discovered within themselves.

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