WAPilates Astronaut Training Camp

July 13, 2019
2000 Edwards St., Suite B, Houston, TX 77007 | Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (281) 352-5791
Times: 6:00 PM
Admission: $40
Area of Town: Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

Join WAPilates in a true Pilates workout geared to getting the strength and the ability to be weightless flipping and turning in space. Using the Pilates apparatus get your body ready to flip and go into inversions or maybe even just get those concepts in your body as an Astronaut would to prepare the body for no gravity in space. Roll like a ball, go upside down, see where you can go and let’s go! Explore the brave world of Pilates and space! Where will your body travel? How will it get there?

Mission accomplished? You leave feeling strong and better than before and also with your Mission Badge for all to see your Space Travel and Pilates has just begun!