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Made in Houston - Moments

You can call it H-Town, Clutch City or Hustletown - just don’t call it boring. When you visit Houston you’ll realize what happens when world-class arts, booming business, pro sports and award winning cuisine combine. See for yourself why Houston is being touted as the cool capital of the South; why 2.2. million people call this place home; and how, exactly, crawfish can be labeled both “ugly” and “delicious.” Grab a beer with us and pull up a chair - we’re going to give you a taste of what it’s like to belong to the most diverse city in America. We’ve got some clout in outer space too, actually.

Houston, we have a problem – you’re just too epic.

  • A Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo show and concert
    When you think of Texas, you can’t help but think of the Wild West. Houston stands on its own, being the largest city in Texas, one of the most diverse in the country, and what the LA Times says the rest of America will look like in the future…However, we’re all cowboys and cowgirls during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Houston buzzes Rodeo for 3 weeks out of the year each March, where you could spend all day at a carnival, eating fried Oreos and turkey legs and funnel cakes – but the magic really happens in the evening, where you can see an actual rodeo competition every night. This includes a horse show, the calf scramble, bull riding, and mutton-busting (picture: children racing sheep). And to top it off, there’s a headliner concert after the Rodeo. Nothing will make you feel more Texas than this. more
  • Watching an Astros game
    America’s favorite pastime: Baseball. Now, imagine watching a team that is made up of, literally, the city’s favorite heroes. You see, when you’re watching the Astros play, you aren’t watching any old baseball team. You’re watching the team that got Houston out of the depths of Hurricane Harvey and straight into a World Series Championship. You’re watching (and, hopefully by now, cheering on) the team whose loyalty lies with the people of Houston. So take your peanuts and your Cracker Jack, and root for the home team at an Astros game. more
  • Drinking a beer at 8th Wonder Brewery
    On perfect days, or any time in the summer evenings, you can find a crowd of people at 8th Wonder Brewery. Why? At just 6 years old, this brewery is already a staple of H-Town because of the homage it pays to the Houston Astrodome – the original home of the Houston Astros, and casually known as the “8th wonder of the world.” Try the cream ale “Dome Faux’m” or “Hopston,” the IPA, and take a picture under the WE <3 HOUSTON statue to show you’ve really drank the Kool-Aid… or the “Rocket Fuel” Vietnamese coffee porter. more
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By Paula Nino Kehr
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