American Apparel

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    1665 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77006
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Marketed as “vertically integrated manufacturing”—which means that the brand’s entire production process is completed in the same warehouse—American Apparel boasts clothes made in downtown L.A. by well-paid factory employees. The store has already caused a stir in other parts of the country—from savvy New York City shoppers to Oregonian hippies—and has even gained international clout. There are stores in London, Berlin, Tokyo and others.

The good news keeps coming. Most of the women’s clothing and accessories range from $11-$46 and come in sizes extra small to large. For those playing it safe, t-shirts made of the softest jersey cotton come in more than 30 colors—from sangria to sea foam. The unisex jersey zip-up hoodie will be just warm enough for Houston winters and is the kind of clothing item that both boys and girls will want to wear to class every day.

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