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B+L Creative Group

712 McIntosh Street, Suite B Houston, TX 77009 Map It
  • Address:
    712 McIntosh Street, Suite B
    Houston, TX 77009
  • Phone:
    (713) 364-9634

B+L Creative Group is a boutique creative production agency focused on the design and delivery of strategic events and videos of all kinds to support event experiences. We are proud to represent Houston with creative production and design services to visiting groups - supporting a group's business objectives in delivering their conference or special event experience in person and by video.

We provide the following services:
Event Design
For creating an experience journey mapped to a group's custom Houston meeting, conference or exhibition.

Video production
Creating documentary-style experience videos to capture conference highlights, conference-goer testimonials, or any key videos to be captured during an event experience. Videos are offered on a short turnaround for in conference showcase as a sizzle reel or a closing moment of surprise and delight.

Creative Direction
For events of all kinds - supporting groups on crafting memorable off-sites, evening events, and wow Houston showcase experiences.

Speaker Management + Presentation Support
Support of c-suite and mainstage speakers at a conference, providing on-site speaker support or advance support in crafting and delivering a message. Presentation Support provides speakers with opportunities to curate their spoken word to audio visual on-stage during remarks.

Technical Production of Broadcast Style
Live streaming of your conference to remote audiences as well as curation of that content to be broadcast live or edited into post-conference online materials.

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