Banana Leaf

9889 Bellaire Blvd., #311 Houston, TX 77036 Map It
  • Address:
    9889 Bellaire Blvd., #311
    Houston, TX 77036
  • Phone:

Discover the most authentic Malaysian cuisine in Houston at Banana Leaf. Located in Chinatown amongst many other Asian cuisine eateries, this hidden gem stands out.  Every single chef is Malaysian, ensuring a true dining experience.

Be sure and try the Roti Canai (Indian pancake with dipping sauce) appetizer, which is made to perfection.  With such an extensive menu, order a little bit of everything with your friends and family so you can taste many of their dishes. Try their golden and crispy calamari and expect large noodle bowls when ordering your main course.

Impressively clean with simple decorations gives a casual vibe, but don’t be fooled, this restaurant is always packed. Order takeout quick and easy online or come dine in and make Banana Leaf your premiere location for Malaysian food.

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