Hobby Airport/Third Ward

Bonnie Blue’s Art House

4105 Colgate St. Houston, TX 77087 Map It
  • Address:
    4105 Colgate St.
    Houston, TX 77087
  • Phone:
    (713) 649-6931

Local artist Bonnie Blue transformed her home near Hobby Airport into a work of art all its own.

The exterior of the home/gallery is painted in whimsical murals. Blue invites the public to tour the home and see the original artwork on display, much of which is for sale, by appointment (call the number for information and to schedule a visit).

Blue also created an art car, one of those unique vehicles Houston has become known for. Her Women Rock Art Car is covered on all sides by large Styrofoam Women That Rock, six in all. The artist uses the car as a mobile art gallery, taking it to shows where she sells her artistic creations.

Blue has become famous locally as the Rock Lady who paints unique caricatures of individuals on rocks. She does this at corporate functions, birthday parties and everything in between.   

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