West University/Rice Village

Brown Bag Deli

2540 Amherst Houston, TX 77005 Map It
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    2540 Amherst
    Houston, TX 77005
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This cool inner-loop neighborhood deli offers design-your-own sandwiches at bargain prices.

The welcoming counter-service concept created by the Barnaby's restaurant group is fast and easy. All walks of life hustle in for the sandwich deals. Modern aluminum chairs and tables fill the tiny, beige room that offers lots of sunlight and reading material. Order at the counter by marking your order on--you guessed it--a brown bag.

Custom-order your sandwich prepared with Boar's Head meats, quality cheeses and a choice of Sheila Partin's sweet signature breads. Sturdy egg salad garnished with dill features a light mayonnaise base, as does the clean-tasting chicken salad and white albacore tuna with pecans. Conversely, red potato salad is as luxuriously creamy as the old-fashioned lemon crème dessert. Fruit salad is crispy-fresh with melon balls, berries and pineapple. Desserts include rich iced chocolate cake or dense, moist apple spice cake.


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