Bullritos - Greenway Commons

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(713) 622-5656
3651 Weslayen St., #100 | Houston, TX 77027

Founder Russell Ybarra’s “quick-casual” Bullritos concept was certainly inspired by his sprint through the streets of Pamplona. But his passion for fresh Tex-Mex and quality ingredients paved the way for his call-it-like-you-want-it, bull-themed burrito joint. Either way, his food-lovin’ appetite for adventure led to the Bullritos concept, and a new era of burritos was born.

In 2008, Bullritos opened its first location in La Porte, Texas, and they’ve been herding in guests ever since. Today, Houstonians have several opportunities to experience the Bullritos brand, including the company’s Greenway Commons location, where guests can build their own burrito, bowl or taco, mixing and matching ingredients along the way. Shake things up with a cayenne tortilla piled high with grilled chicken, roasted corn and fresh guacamole. Other mix-ins include pulled pork, steak, ground beef and a host of veggies and salsa options.

For more information, visit Bullritos’ website.